Friday, November 21, 2014

The Mentalist - Much Ado About NOTHING

End of Days:  Given The Mentalist's resurrection from the dead zone at the 11th hour, it's fitting the final two episodes of the final season involve a serial killer named Lazarus.  While 'Lazzi' may be a poor imitation of Red John, who was revealed as a poor imitation of a serial killer himself, perhaps those clever writers chose the name Lazarus to signal serial killer Patrick Jane's resurrection from his dead zone imagination, as The Mentalist was just an ILLUSION,  much ado about NOTHING.  It is curious two of the final episodes have NOTHING in their title: "NOTHING But Blue Skies"and "NOTHING Gold Can Stay."  While the writers are being super-secret about the final title, fearing its release will give the ILLUSION away, one should not be surprised if they pull back the curtain on "Lazarus" in a cemetery  and reveal the real wizard at the end of the Rainbow. Perhaps then Golden Man Patrick Jane will find his way back home and escape his "Greybar Hotel."

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