Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Mentalist Signs for Season Seven

It was all an ILLUSION The Mentalist was on the CBS cancellation list.

NEWSFLASH:  Golden Man Simon Baker's The Mentalist will return for a seventh season after hitting series low ratings in its sixth run. It's unclear how many episodes the green light is for -- or if it will be the show's final season, though a shortened run to wrap it up. The Sunday night procedural was the only returning CBS series to not get an early renewal this year but was granted a pickup after producers Warner Bros. Television had been shopping the series around. With time-shifting, The Mentalist is averaging a 2.3 rating with adults 18-49 and 12.5 million viewers.

 Jane:  Lisbuns, "Seven" is my lucky number.
Read John "Seven"Come 11, my mental list of 7 scripts so you can dream along with me: 

"Dragon STAR  (2014) Logline:  Codecracker tracks a serial killer who returns after seven years to terrorize his hometown. Tagline: You can go Holmes  again. The second greatest story ever told DRAGON_STAR_-_Final[1]  )

MIDNIGHT RIDE”   Logline: Garage band cruises a small Pennsylvania town on a stormy night that changes the course of rock music.  Tagline: “She loves you and you and you, yeah, yeah, yeah”

"DIVE"   Logline: An American naval officer is forced to pilot a Colombian cartel submarine loaded with cocaine into San Diego harbor. But there's something else on board.  Tagline:  Sub-text: Hidden between the white lines.

"COLUMBIA ROADS"    Logline:  US embassy investigator discovers Aurora prophecy that threatens  the US.    Tagline: All Roads lead to Columbia.  Download -COLUMBIA ROADS-

 “FACESPACE    Logline:  CIA Deep Throat recruits a conspiracy writer to stop a mind control op using social networks.    Tagline: Who is like FACESPACE and who can defeat it? Sample  Download FACESPACE PDF

"SPYDER AND THE FLY"     Logline: A black op team gets caught in its web of deceit.   Tagline:  "Come into my parlor said the Spyder to the Fly, but who was the Spyder and Who was the Fly?"

 "THE 11 O'CLOCK NEWS"   Logline: Two bloggers, Richie Scalia and John Scott,  get in way-over-their-head trouble.  Tagline:  Hindsight is 2021 

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