Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Simon Baker - "What Are You Going to Do NEXT?"

On a recent appearance of the "Ellen" Show, Golden Man Simon Baker  recounted his strange experience giving his speech at a ceremony for his golden Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame when he was interrupted by a homeless man who yelled, "What are you going to do NEXT?"

It's simple, Simon, have your people contact my people at and let's have a beer together.  Invite Ellen and Bruno Heller along.  Ellen's looking to produce for 11:11.  Simon says he's "just winging it."  Then fate is in the "Dragon Star."  As Fate would have it, a homeless man also played a pivotal role in "Dragon Star":

 "Dragon STAR  (2014)   Logline: Code-cracker tracks a serial killer who returns after seven years to terrorize his hometown. Tagline: You can go Holmes again.  DRAGON_STAR_-_Final[1]  (after Simon's finished with "The Mentalist, "DS" would make that Tasmanian Devil a movie star. )   He's born for the role:

"Imagine having Simon's hair, those eyes, that smile, and that calm, confident tone as you explain everyone around you to themselves. Armed with such gifts, I’d be tempted to lead a small nation to war. I bet it’s tough to resist the urge to use your supernatural good looks and otherworldly charm for evil instead of good." SALON

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