Monday, November 25, 2013

The MentaLOST "Red John" Review

The Mentalist in a nutshell: It was all an ILLUSION (read: VISUAL LIES), and Bruno and the writers were playing us Townies for pigeons...REALLY.

Bruno Heller swears Red John is REALLY dead this time. He "pinky swears" - oops, I stole that line from last night's more realistic show, "The Walking Dead".  IF Red John is REALLY dead, then somewhere Damon Lindelof is smiling as Heller's crappy ending to the "Red John" saga will make us forget how badly "LOST" ended.  It was fitting the RJ saga ended in a graveyard as it got LOST in dead-end plotlines. Perhaps Heller couldn't believe the show would be picked up for another year and the showdown with Tim Carter was his intended Red John ending.

  This BLUE BIRD  is All an ILLUSION

 IF Heller is telling the truth, that about a year ago he decided Tom McAllister (TM) was going to be Red John, then this guy has fooled lots of people in the industry because he obviously doesn't know the first thing about screenwriting. The most crucial point in TM - the Red John identity of the most powerful serial killer of all time (not counting DRAGON_STAR_-_Final[1]   after Simon Baker is finished with "The Mentalist, "DS" would make that Tasmanian Devil a movie star. ) Heller admits he had no idea who it was until a year ago. What self-respecting screenwriter would not know the ending of his story and admit he had no idea what the ending was until he got LOST in the Third Act? Are we to believe "McAlluster"  was the guy women like Lorelei were mesmerized by and the brain behind the conspiracy?  Only in Jane's DREAMS. Really.

IF this episode is not another ILLUSION - a WESTPHALL DREAM in the mind of a mental listed Jane, then Heller is a Wizard behind the curtain, huckster, a carnie who plays the Townies for pigeons, whose suspension of disbelief knew no bounds. Yeah, they'll buy the "double bomb" illusion like all the other ridiculous acts pushing the suspension of disbelief that were REALLY acts of  bad writing. I can imagine Heller and TM writers will pull a "Lindelof" and say it was really a story about character. I would agree- THEIRS. Heller and his carnie crew are pulling up stakes and heading off to another TV show that viewers would be advised to stay away.  These carnies say they want to put on a good show, but the moral of the story is all they want is your money.

The Mentalist viewer in a nutshell:



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