Monday, November 12, 2012

The Mentalist "If It Bleeds, It Leads" Review

The Mentalist in a nutshell: It's all an ILLUSION (read: VISUAL LIES), and just because it's on TV (See B.S.) doesn't make it real.

Dr. Linus Wagner: Everything you told me, Mr. Jane, is total fiction, isn't it?

Jane:  From the INCEPTION

Patrick Jane "burns" the killer of a Flood On The Air in "If It Bleeds, It Leads". It's ELEMENTARY.  In each episode of  The Mentalist, Bruno Heller shows the gullible viewers just because it's on TV doesn't make it real just like those Iraqi WMDs that the lapdog media scared the poor, gullible American viewers.  As Jane says, "Pay attention, people."  Do the viewers with half a REVIEW BRAIN really believe the CBI crew does accident investigations that involve a fatality on a state park?  Not to mention that Sacramento is 100 miles from the ocean, doesn't the CBI have better things to do than help a park ranger with his paperwork?  It is...

Unbelievable. That describes Jane's cherry-picking analysis of the accident scene: it's murder because the victim's handbag is missing and she was eating a sandwich. The handbag couldn't fly out of the open car doors as it crashed down the cliff?  Yep, no other possible explanation there.

Cue OPENING SHOT: LOMA VISTA   Camera pans down --AIR -- WATER -- LAND. The only thing missing -- FIRE and CAR CRASH.    Land- Ocean - Air   M could  refer to MARS, the symbol of FIRE.  Then consider the cast of  the episode's characters: FLOOD,  SKY,  BOB FROM HOMELAND, TOMMY THE MAN OF FIRE.  In classical thought, the four elements Earth, Water, Air, and Fire frequently occur; sometimes including a fifth element or quintessence (after "quint" meaning "fifth") called Aether.   In Buddhism, the four elements are a basis for understanding suffering and for liberating oneself from suffering. Jane is troubled like that other Sherlock Holmes character on "Elementary."  (He BLEEDS and LEADS.) The earliest Buddhist texts explain that the four primary material elements are the sensory qualities solidity, fluidity, temperature, and mobility; their characterization as earth, water, fire, and air, respectively, is declared an abstraction. That describes The Mentalist:  It's not real, it's all an ILLUSION.

Jane and Lisbon discover reporter Cassandra Flood's death on the beach is connected to super-rich Tommy Volker, who can give Red John a run for his money.  Volker had Flood killed because she tried to warn - unsuccessfully like a real Cassandra - that Volker is an evil man who had an entire tribe in the Amazon killed to save his geo-thermal project, harnessing the fires of hell itself.  Then there's the reappearance of the man in the black limo, Bob Kirkland of Homeland Security, who warns Lisbon that Volker is a powerful man with powerful friends.  Ted McGlinley "Baxter" as Ed Hunt is revealed by Jane as the killer of  Flood on the air when Jane tricks him into believing Hunt left his reading glasses in her car when he tampered with the brakes.

On the surface Jane's investigative style appears to be a Sherlock Holmes "Elementary" style of deduction, but digging deeper reveals Jane's flights of fantasy are out of this world as Tommy Volker's Virgin flight into space.

 Moral of the story: TV is the great deceiver.

EARTH TO MENTALIST VIEWERS: The truth is Red John is Patrick Jane's imaginary evil twin, his "perfect symmetry" alter-ego (Jane/John),  Professor Moriarty character in a TOMMY WESTPHALL imaginary world like "St. Elsewhere's" snow globe and "Life on Mars" that is the dream state of  Jane.  NB. The fake Jane character in "Red Moon" where a corpse was found in a burned car was named Ellis Mars (El - He is Mars). Ellis Mars: The mind is a powerful weapon. It can create reality.

Jane: Perhaps we can see each other again.
Lorelei: That’s not up to me.
Jane: Oh, you have no say in it?
Lorelei: None at all. It’s very "Westphall."
Jane: I don’t follow you.
Lorelei: I do what Red John tells me to do.

Scrambled Eggs:  Jane appears to be a Sherlock Homes super-sleuth character but in reality is a mental patient with a cracked eggshell who suffers from paranoid delusions due to feelings of extreme guilt in the deaths of his wife and child who were burned as he was (CBI = intensive burn care?)  in a horrific car accident involving a driver named Tanner when he failed to stop at a Blinking Red Light - hence the RJ symbol - while he was driving intoxicated and spends his days watching TV shows, which generate his ideas for the delusional episodes.  Note: Jane's eggshell blue car - a vintage 1972 Citroen DS 20 that Warner Bros., producer of "The Mentalist" for CBS, had in its inventory. It was used in the 2008 movie "Speed Racer." For "The Mentalist," the car was shipped from Germany and painted eggshell blue (it was originally red).

Burning Clues:Jane burns his Red John files with a bottle of booze.  "The Mentalist" is obsessed with fire, as in half the episodes it plays a significant plot point.  Out of the Frye-ing pan into the... As Kristina Frye discovered, when you get too close to Red John, you get burned.  "Tiger, Tiger burning bright, they were "Au-burned.In the "Red Mile" episode Jane arrives at a crime scene outside Auburn, California.  Shouts from Alabama football fans of "Roll Tide" first appeared during the Alabama-Auburn Tiger IRON BOWL game in 1907. Curiously, a corpse was found in a burned car in "Ruby Slippers," in which Jane discovers the identity of Fifi Nix, like Jane's Phoenix, has risen from the ashes of his past life.  In "Red Dawn" Jane is given a desk next to a fire extinguisher that is there, then it's gone, then it's there again.   Fake Red John read all about it - catch the fire-y headline on the front page of the newspaper Tim Carter was reading before Jane shot him.  Red John appeared to Jane in the burn mask.


When you wish upon a star
Dreams will take you very far, yeah
When you wish upon a dream
Life ain´t always what it seems, oh yeah
Once you see your light so clear
In the sky so very dear

                         Red Face to Face

The Mentalist logo.svg


 Drink Scotch Whiskey all night long and die behind the wheel

Call me Deacon Blue

As the first episode of the sixth season of the MENTALIST has been revealed - "The DESERT ROSE" - perhaps Bruno referred to a song that Sting made famous.  The lyrics will burn in your imagination and perhaps provide a clue about Patrick Jane's:

I wake in pain
I dream of love as time runs through my hand
I dream of fire
Those dreams are tied to a horse that will never tire
And in the flames
Her shadows play in the shape of a man's desire

This desert rose
Each of her seven veils, a secret promise
This desert flower
No sweet perfume ever tortured me more than this

And as she turns
This way she moves in the logic of all my dreams
This fire burns
I realize that nothing's as it seems

The Man with Two Names:  Red John's alias is Roy Tagliaferro (read: "cut iron").   The ROY CUT IRON  anagrams are "court irony" and "you r citron."  How ironic that Jane, the court jester who arrives at the crime scene in his Citroen,  a master reader of how others' emotions control them,  was a prisoner of his own chains to his past.   Until Jane cuts his ironic chains with the past, The Mentalist is on the mental list, a prisoner of his own device.

Jane:  Lisbuns, the Mentalist and Fox News prove you can fool most of the people ALL the time.

 No foolin,  Read John's "Seven" come 11 

"DRAGON STAR      Logline:  Code-cracking prodigy tracks a serial killer who returns after seven years to terrorize his hometown. Tagline: You can go Holmes again. The second greatest story ever told DRAGON_STAR_-_Final[1]

MIDNIGHT RIDE”   Logline: Garage band cruises a small Pennsylvania town on a night that changes the course of rock music.  Tagline: “She loves you and you and you, yeah, yeah, yeah.”

"DIVE"   Logline: An American naval officer is forced to pilot a Colombian cartel submarine loaded with cocaine into San Diego harbor. But there's something else on board.  Tagline:  Sub-text: Hidden between the lines.

"COLUMBIA ROADS"    Logline:  US embassy investigator discovers Aurora prophecy that threatens  the US.    Tagline: All Roads lead to Columbia.  Download -COLUMBIA ROADS-

 “FACESPACE    Logline:  CIA Deep Throat recruits a conspiracy writer to stop a  mind control plan using social networks.    Tagline: Who is like FACESPACE and who can defeat it?  Download FACESPACE 7-21

"SPYDER AND THE FLY"     Logline: A black op team gets caught in its web of deceit.   Tagline:  "Come into my parlor said the Spyder to the Fly, but who was the Spyder and Who was the Fly?"

 "THE 11 O'CLOCK NEWS"   Logline: Two bloggers, Richie Scalia and John Scott,  get in way-over-their-head trouble.  Tagline:  Hindsight is2021


  1. For a moment there, I thought that you had disabled comments.

    I've only seen a couple of episodes of this show before deciding it was too ridiculous for me to waste my time on it. With that said, the things you wrote here would make much more sense if I had seen this particular episode (and more of others). Nevertheless, your line of deduction is (unsurprisingly) ingenious as always.

    Btw, have you watched a show called Mental? I became bored with that one soon as well. What is it with these pseudo paranormal shows that makes them fester so quickly?

  2. P.S. Don't be frightened by my avatar. It's from last year, and rendered to suit the Twilight blogs. I'm blond now, once again. :D

  3. The Mentalist may be disappearing. The ratings were there, but now they're gone.