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The Mentalist "Blood Feud" Review

The Mentalist in a nutshell: It's all an ILLUSION (read: VISUAL LIES) and nothing is what it seems to be. (See B.S.)

 Dr. Linus Wagner: Everything you told me, Mr. Jane, is total fiction, isn't it? 
Jane:  From the INCEPTION

Patrick Jane puts out a fire between two warring crime families in (Rachel) Carson (Silent) Springs ignited by a manipulator in "Blood Feud" and burns the "Last Man Standing."  In "Blood Feud" Bruno Heller takes a shot at the "Last Man Standing,"  an absurd Bruce Willis remake of  a Japanese film "Yojimbo"  that was derived from a Hammett novel, Red Harvest (locale - "Poisonville")   which spawned the Italian remake "For a Fist Full of Dollars," which spawned the Clint Eastwood "man with no name" film series, not to mention Miller's Crossing - where nothing (even Jane's Doctor) is what it seems to be - with Gabriel Byrne (the "Usual Suspects").  Fletcher Moss, a Bruce Willis look-alike,  attempts to ignite a gang war to eliminate his competition and plans to be the "last man standing."  But Jane plays Moss against both sides and once exposed the stone-cold killer Moss gets rolling.  Did I forget to mention Wayne Rigsby was the one who shot the fleeing Moss and that  Moss also shot Rigsby's father, a career criminal whose killing was not "JUSTIFIED" and died in Rigsby's arms?  Rigsby-Raylon?  Guess Jane was watching cable that week.  Not like it matters, it's all an ILLUSION.

The events in "Blood Feud" are as absurd as the bullet-proof Willis "no-name character" in "Last Man..." who shoots about a hundred guys, none of whom comes close to hitting him.  For example:

Let's begin with the Big Reveal that Rigsby is now a single parent after his wife abandoned him and her baby because Rigsby didn't let her in on the Big Secret that he was still alive and that his brain was not a "Crimson Hat."  This is not the kind of response one would expect of a rational new mother and definitely not from a LAWYER.  In the real world Rigsby would be talking to his own lawyer and asking for weekend visitation rights.  

Then there's the violation of CBI personal conflict protocol:  Rigsby is allowed to be on the scene of the arrest of the man who killed his father  and just happens to chase him down and shoot him.  Of course, Jane is once again the master manipulator of events and Lisbon is the passive "Oh, Jane" onlooker.

Is it all just bad writing or is "Blood Feud" Heller's attempt to push the envelope of the "suspension of disbelief" past  the level of "Last Man..." ? What does it take the viewer with half a REVIEW BRAIN to realize "The Mentalist" is an ILLUSION?

Red John is Patrick Jane's imaginary evil twin, his "perfect symmetry" alter-ego (Jane/John),  Professor Moriarty character in a "Tommy Westphall" imaginary world like "St. Elsewhere's" snow globe and "Life on Mars" that is the dream state of  Jane.  NB. The fake Jane character in "Red Moon" where a corpse was found in a burned car was named Ellis (El-He is) Mars.

 Ellis Mars: The mind is a powerful weapon. It can create reality.

 Who's a Lyin'? Jane or Mar-tinsS

Jane: Perhaps we can see each other again.
Lorelei: That’s not up to me.
Jane: Oh, you have no say in it?
Lorelei: None at all. It’s very "Westphall."
Jane: I don’t follow you.
Lorelei: I do what Red John tells me to do.


Scrambled Eggs:  Jane appears to be a Sherlock Homes super-sleuth character but in reality is a mental patient with a cracked eggshell who suffers from paranoid delusions due to feelings of extreme guilt in the deaths of his wife and child who were burned as he was (CBI = intensive burn care?)  in a horrific car accident involving a driver named Tanner when he failed to stop at a BLINKING RED LIGHT - hence the RJ symbol - while he was driving intoxicated and spends his days watching TV shows, which generate his ideas for the delusional episodes.  Note: Jane's eggshell blue car - a vintage 1972 Citroen DS 20 that Warner Bros., producer of "The Mentalist" for CBS, had in its inventory. It was used in the 2008 movie "Speed Racer." For "The Mentalist," the car was shipped from Germany and painted eggshell blue (it was originally red).

Burning Clues: "The Mentalist" is obsessed with fire, as in half the episodes it plays a significant plot point.  Out of the Frye-ing pan into the... As Kristina Frye discovered, when you get too close to Red John, you get burned.  "Tiger, Tiger burning bright, they were "Au-burned.In the "Red Mile" episode Jane arrives at a crime scene outside Auburn, California.  Shouts from Alabama football fans of "Roll Tide" first appeared during the Alabama-Auburn Tiger game in 1907. Curiously, a corpse was found in a burned car in "Ruby Slippers," in which Jane discovers the identity of Fifi Nix, like Jane's Phoenix, has risen from the ashes of his past life. Fake Red John read all about it - catch the fire-y headline on the front page of the newspaper Tim Carter was reading before Jane shot him.  Red John appeared to Jane in the burn mask.

                         Red Face to Face

The Mentalist logo.svg

The Mentalist in a Box


 Drink Scotch Whiskey all night long and die behind the wheel

 The Man with Two Names -- Red John's alias is Roy Tagliaferro (read: "cut iron").  The ROY CUT IRON  anagrams are "court irony" and "you r citron."  How ironic that Jane, the court jester who arrives at the crime scene in his Citroen,  a master reader of how others' emotions control them,  was a prisoner of his own.   In the End the Mentalist was on the mental list, a prisoner of his own device.

Lizbuns, don't let me be the last man standing.

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